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Pharmacists are extremely important in counselling patients and prescribing medications to them. While care providers diagnose patients and prescribe medications, the pharmacists ensure that they are taking the right type and dosage of medications. Hence they frequently take on the role of front-line healthcare professionals in their line of duty.

As medical professionals, pharmacists play a crucial role in informing the public about the risks associated with drug use and other dangerous behaviours like addiction and substance abuse. At Montclair Hospital Medical Center (MHMC), the pharmacy department works with clinicians to make San Bernardino county healthier for its citizens. MHMC’s pharmacy department empowers pharmacists to work closely with care providers to address significant patient challenges.

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    MHMC’s Pharmaceuticals Management Services

    Prescriptions Processing

    MHMC’s pharmacists are well-versed with the expertise to process a doctor’s prescription. Our pharmacy department acts as the bridge between physicians and the patient to help improve medication adherence and prevent misdiagnosis simultaneously.

    In addition to filling prescriptions and checking for drug interactions and other safety concerns, our pharmacists guide patients on taking their medications and their possible side effects. They may also work with patients to manage their overall medication therapy and make recommendations to healthcare providers about changes or adjustments to treatment plans.

    Evaluating Drug Interactions

    The way that prescription medications interact with an individual’s metabolism can have both helpful and negative impacts. To minimise the risk of negative side effects, it is important for patients and their doctors to understand how these drugs work in the body. MHMC’s pharmacists are a valuable resource for patients who seek information about medications and potential interactions with other drugs or supplements, beyond the offices of our care providers. They provide adequate information to patients to help them understand their medications and any potential interactions they may have with other medications or over-the-counter drugs.

    Medication Dispensing

    At MHMC, our pharmacy department takes the important responsibility of dispensing medication seriously. One of the essential responsibilities of a pharmacist is accurately tracking and managing medication usage. MHMC is committed to adhering to all regulatory guidelines, such as those related to the opioid epidemic. Adherence to these guidelines ensures the safe and responsible dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs.

    Disposal of Medication

    Besides the safe dispensing of medication, MHMC is also committed to the safe and responsible disposal of pharmaceutical drugs. It is the solemn duty of a care facility’s pharmacy department to dispose of damaged and expired medications safely. At MHMC, we go above and beyond this call of duty.

    We also work closely with patients to host drug take-back programs and educate them on effective disposal methods. Ensuring the responsible disposal of medications is just as important as properly administering them, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards in both areas at MHMC.”