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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Specialized therapeutic care is essential for a patient to survive a serious disease or severe damage. Intensive care units (ICUs) were created to give critically ill patients the finest treatment possible. These facilities are staffed with highly skilled medical professionals collaborating to provide patients with the greatest outcomes. ICU specialists have experience in cardiopulmonary, cardiac, neurosurgical, and trauma care. Every ICU is equipped with cutting-edge medical tools, techniques, and the greatest clinicians available to give every patient the best treatment possible.

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    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

    The sophisticated life support and urgent care protocols offered by Montclair Hospital Medical Center’s ICU can increase the likelihood that your loved one will fully recover. Our skilled medical professionals are skilled at closely monitoring patients and facilitating effective interventions that dramatically improve chances of survival and recovery. We offer a continuum of treatment that addresses a variety of life-threatening diseases, from heart failure and respiratory issues to severe trauma and strokes. For critically ill and unstable patients, we also provide round-the-clock emergency care.

    Thanks to our holistic team-based approach, we can take care of all facets of their therapy, from medical to psychological and social needs.

    We work hard to provide great patient care in a relaxing setting while ensuring families are kept updated at every turn.

    Accomplishing Value in Intensive Care Services

    Better Utilization Management: As the US healthcare sector adapts to the Value-Based Service (VBC) tenets, effectiveness overtakes other considerations to determine the standard of care. Our ICU services are designed to reduce the length of care by providing high-value care interventions and adopting a progressive critical care management strategy.

    Quality-driven procedures: Our healthcare professionals are experts at logically solving complicated issues in ICU settings.

    To improve treatment for our patients, we collaborate with other departments as needed. Our ICU expertise is supported by research and evidence-based care, enabling us to deliver the greatest results.

    We draw on clinical research and clinical care to provide a patient with an evidence-based treatment plan that will help improve their condition.

    Full-Time Physician Coverage: We employ a group of medical professionals and nurses that are skilled and knowledgeable in caring for patients with a range of ailments and wounds. The most up-to-date medical tools and resources are available to our team for providing intense care, including diagnostic imaging, a 24-hour pharmacy, and access to experts as needed. Our facility, which has individual rooms created to give patients and family solitude and comfort, is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). It also offers a patient-focused environment.