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Food & Nutrition

We Can Help You Feel Good About Yourself & Your Health

Montclair Hospital Medical Center is dedicated to offering top-notch nutritional care to its patients. Backed by a team of registered dietitians, we offer nutritional screenings, assessments, and education based on each patient’s care plan. Our dietitians comprise an important part of the hospital’s interdisciplinary medical team and participate in daily rounds, offering nutrition recommendations to the medical staff and providing ongoing nutrition education to both patients and hospital staff.

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    Food & Nutrition

    imageOur food and nutrition services team is dedicated to delivering nutritious meal plans which are also delicious to patients in various stages of recovery.

    Patient Care Services:- Our patient care services are designed to understand patients’ needs and taste to find the thin line separating personal taste and essential nutrition. Patient satisfaction surveys drive our regular menu updates, along with ongoing taste-testing for recipe improvement. We constantly strive to provide high quality nutrition and healthcare services to meet the needs of our patients, guests, staff, and our community.

    Nutrition Services: Our team of trained dietitians coordinate with patients and medical staffs alike to deliver effective medical nutrition interventions. These interventions reach all hospital floors and intensive care units (ICU) within the MHMC. By utilizing the proactive information received from the interaction, the staff then delivers a rich selection of nutritious and delicious food to all the parties they work with to collect the information.

    Community Outreach: MHMC’s registered dietitians not only provide personalized nutrition services to patients, but also participate in various outreach programs. These programs include health fairs, school career days, and speaking engagements for community groups to educate members of the community about nutrition. By doing so proactively, we help improve the health of the community as a whole and limit the number of patients who need assistance with managing their conditions through diet and nutrition.

    Clinical Nutrition Services: Some patients may require a therapeutic diet during hospital admission. Upon discharge, some of them may still require continuing this diet. In such cases, our dieticians engage effectively with the patients to provide them with timely support and nutritional guidance to help them achieve optimum fitness through a balanced diet.

    At MHMC, we strive to deliver comprehensive care and support to our patients. Since diet and nutrition are core components of well-being, we leave no stone unturned in guiding our patients, staff and the community to consider a healthy diet.

    Taking time to protect your health now can make the difference in how good you feel tomorrow.

    Montclair Hospital offers a monthly class to help those afflicted with diabetes learn to manage their condition. View this flyer for more information on this presentation including dates and availability.